Jordan Grand Prix 1999




F1 22 Mods - Full MyTeam Package

Jordan Grand Prix returning to Formula 1 with their classic 1999 Hornet livery. This Full MyTeam Package was commissioned, which is why some classic sponsors were replaced by some modern ones.

This package was made in collaboration with @MarkFelixDesigns , so big thanks to him for the help!


Included in this mod:
– Custom Livery
– Custom Halo Sticker
– Custom Emblem
– Custom Driver Suit, Helmet, Cap, Gloves and Boots
– Custom Racecrew, Pitcrew, Pitstop Gantry and Umbrella
– Custom Driver Numbers: #2, #7, #9, #19, #27 and #34
– Custom Mugen-Honda Engine Supplier Logo
– Custom Monitor screen
– Custom RnD Area ( Thanks to @MarkFelixDesigns )
– Jordan styled Piastri helmet


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