Some of my work


Website Building

For this project, it all started when I made a redesign concept for their website. This because I thought their website was getting a bit old and it could use some modern looks. After showing this, they asked me to build it. This was my first time building a website with WordPress and Elementor.

JD Productions

Video Editing

JD Productions is a Twitch channel with two streamers. I had been following these guys for some time and came up with the idea for a channel trailer. I used some funny clips from their streams, so that the new viewer instantly has an impression of how the stream looks and feels.

Skip Barber Championship

Graphic Design

I started sim racing on the game Assetto Corsa this year and I joined a community in which we race with the Skip Barber car every week. The organisers wanted to have some posters so that new people can find us on, for example, Reddit. Thats when I came up with this aggresive and fast design, which reflects the speed of the car.


Graphic Design

After redesigning their website, KVVA wanted to use more social media platforms, to reach new possible members and to reach current members. Using a post with the upcoming match everyone would see when and who against the first team would play their next match.

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